MSI Gaming Arena APAC Qualifiers

During July 21 - August 11, you will be able to play in the MSI Gaming Arena 2018 5on5 qualifiers. At the end of the qualifiers, only 1 team from each region will go to visit ESL One New York and play on the main stage as part of the MSI Gaming Arena tournament. Here's the tournament structure:
  • 2 open qualifiers - top 6 teams based on points will qualify into the playoffs
  • 1 last chance qualifier - top 2 teams will qualify into the playoffs
  • 1 playoff - 8 qualified teams, only the first placed team will go to ESL One New York.
Note: The qualified team will have their travel and accommodation covered by the organizers.

Qualifier details:
  • Format: 5on5
  • Server: 128 tick high quality servers with CSGO Game Integration
  • Duration: 1-day cup
  • Maps: Competitive mappool, mapvote, BO1
  • ESL Anticheat: active

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The MSI Gaming Arena 2018 Qualifiers will start on the 21st of July and will finish on the 11th of August. Find below the schedule of the qualifiers:
  • Open Qualifier #1 - 21st of July, 16:00 SGT
  • Open Qualifier #2 - 28th of July, 16:00 SGT
  • Last Chance Qualifier - 4th of August, 16:00 SGT
  • Playoffs - 11th of August, 16:00 SGT
Note: Teams that have already qualified for the playoffs can't participate in the last chance qualifier!